About Competition

First Contest was organized in 2010 in the name of International Gizem Frit Ceramics Competition at the Ceramics and Glass department of Art Design and Architecture Faculty, Sakarya University and this contest turned to an International Competition in 2012 The competition is organized in order to support the under graduate and gradate students in the departments of Ceramics and Glass in Turkey and all foreign countries.

The selecting committee is containing the academicians from different universities, specialists in their areas and sector representatives in Turkey and abroad. The competition is organized every year in the areas of the artistic and industrial ceramics. So, with this aspect the competition contributes ceramics art and industry which are developing in Turkey.

Conventional Gizem Frit Ceramics Competition is also a good sample in the area of University and Industry Cooperation which is nowadays getting continuously important.

​In International Gizem Frit Ceramic Competition that is aimed to support young ceramic artists with 2 Achivement Awards in industrial and artistic branches, 4 Mention Awards.Awarded and exhibited art works are displayed in the Art Gallery of Art Design and Architecture Faculty at Sakarya University.