Terms of Participation




The 10th International Gizem Frit Ceramics Competition initiated by Gizem Frit Corporation and Sakarya University Faculty of Art Design and Architecture is arranged in order to support young ceramic artists and to contribute to the contemporary ceramic art.

Theme: Free

Category: Artistic Ceramic

                 Industrial Ceramic


Conditions of Submission

1. The competition is open to the undergraduate and graduate students at all levels of higher education in Turkey and all other countries in the world. Entrants must be enrolled in a certified program in Ceramics, Ceramics and Glass Departments of fine arts faculties and ceramic academies.

2. Entrants who are graduated on 2019 can participate if they submit the graduation certificate.

3. Each entrant permitted to submit only one artwork which has not been nominated before.

4. Entrants can only submit artworks which are produced with mainly ceramic materials and by ceramics techniques. The artworks must be delivered ready (fired and glazed) for the exhibition.

5. The area of the artworks should not exceed 1 m².

6. All prize winning artworks will be exhibited and will take part in the catalogue of the competition. The catalogue of the exhibited works will be published on the related website.

7. For the first elimination, application will be submitted on http://gizemfritseramikyarismasi.com/ between 01/01/2020 and 31/01/2020. The first elimination will be done by the photos and the results will be announced on 07/02/2020 in web address.

8. The participators have to complete the acceptance form at http://gizemfritseramikyarismasi.com/ . Entries (ARTWORKS) must be received (with photos of artworks) between 01/01/2020 and 31/01/2020 according to the time zone of Istanbul. (The photo used at application should be 2480 x1748 pixel in size and in JPEG (.jpg) image format in web address for the catalogue)

9. For the awards elimination, the selected artworks should be sent to the Department of Ceramics and Glass Faculty of Art Design and Architecture, Sakarya University, Esentepe Campus, 54050, Sakarya, TURKEY between 10/02/2020and 28/02/2020.

10. Works of the participants will not be sent back. The participants will donate their work to Gizem Frit A.Ş. .

11. Gizem Frit A.Ş. will send a certificate of donation to the participants.

12. Gizem Frit Ltd. is going to have the full property rights of all the prize winning artworks.

13. The participant who applies on International Gizem Frit Ceramic Competition declares that her/his work has not been awarded in any competition and has not been plagiarized. If the awarded and exhibited works do not comply with these two important terms, the organization committee has all rights to deny the participant to win the award prize and to be a part of exhibition.


  1. The participant is deemed to have accepted the conditions of participation when applying for the International GizemFrit Ceramics Competition. Competition commission has rights to ban works which are found to be incompatable with any of the participation conditions, from the exhibition and the award.
  2. Works which are considered to be duplicates or imitations will not be evaluated by the jury. If an awarded work comes out to be duplicate or an awarded entry from any other competition, the award will be canceled. In this case participant has to return document and the money prize. This situation does not give any extra rights to other awarded or non-awarded participants.
  3. Gizem Frit AŞ and Sakarya University have the right to use the visuals of all works participating in the competition.
  4. The participant is responsible of any financial or legal problems that may arise about their entries. The competition and the competition organization is not responsible for any problems that may arise.


The Shipment address:

Özgür ERDEM (Research Assistant)

Sakarya University

Faculty of Art Design and Architecture

Department of Ceramics and Glass




Online Application Dates: 01/01/2020 and 31/01/2020

The Result of First Elimination: 07/02/2020

The Dates of Received Art Works: 10/02/2020- 28/02/2020

Announcement Dates of Awards: 03/03/ 2020

Award Ceremony: 04/03/ 2020

Gallery Address: Sakarya University, Art Design and Architecture Faculty, Art Gallery, Sakarya, Turkey, at 15.00 pm


Artistic Achievement Award: 6.000 TRY

Industrial Achievement Award: 6.000 TRY


1st Mention: 3000 TRY

2nd Mention: 3000 TRY

3rd Mention: 3000 TRY

4th Mention: 3000 TRY



Prof. Halil YOLERİ (Dokuz Eylül University, TURKEY)

Prof. Lerzan ÖZER (Mimar Sinan Fine Art University, TURKEY)

Prof. Yasemin YAROL (Atatürk University, TURKEY)

Assoc. Prof. Buket ACARTÜRK (Sakarya University, TURKEY)

Assoc. Prof. Kemal TİZGÖL (Akdeniz University, TURKEY)

Asst. Prof. Dicle ÖNEY (Sakarya University, TURKEY)

Asst. Prof. Şirin KOÇAK – (Uşak University, TURKEY)

Alev AŞIK – Gizem Frit Ceramic Design Expert